The scrap industry in general contributes to the overall health of our country in many ways. Scrap exports improve our country’s balance of trade as one of the nation’s larger net exporters. We help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it takes far less energy to make new metals from scrap rather than from virgin ores. Also, we divert material from landfills and ditches improves our environment and helps to delay the obsolescence of landfills.

It all started when...

After getting his feet wet in the scrap business in New York and then in Brooklyn, Iowa, Sam Bernstein moved his family to Sioux City in 1940, bought a piece of land, and began Sioux City Compressed Steel. Sam and his crew were dedicated to hard work, honest dealings with customers, and supplying a top quality product to consumers.

That same ethic has propelled the company to its current status as one of the major scrap processing yards in the region. With partnership interest in six area yards we control a significant amount of scrap while supporting our staff of employees.

As a longtime and active member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (I.S.R.I.), the Original Recyclers, we are dedicated to the principals that Sam Bernstein started many years ago. Our yard was designed to move our suppliers through as efficiently as possible so they can go about their business.

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